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Boston Globe’s “Big Picture” Wins Punch Award

The Punch award is an internal New York Times award for journalism. This is the first (but, I’m sure, not the last) time the journalism award has been won by a software developer (Alan Taylor). This sounds like a tipping point to me, or at the very least a data point that points to a tipping point. If that makes sense.

Anyway, importantly, as this piece in The Awl points out, The Big Picture was not developed by some corporate brain trust. It was done by Alan in his off hours, on his own initiative.

If you haven’t seen The Big Picture, it’s the shiz. It’s often ripped-off verbatim by other online publications (I’m talking to you, British tabs). But it’s an original. And it’s terrific. Well deserved.

Industrial Magnetic Letters are Cool.

I will not say which web search led me to this industrial signage site which sells magnetic letters in bulk, but suffice it to say that they are super cool and I am starting to think of interesting ways to commit terrifying yet probably harmless art projects with them.

You can buy any letter or number you want in any quantity, they come in several colors and you can get them from 1 to 8 inches high.

If only they weren’t so expensive. Hmmm.

Radario: Popular Product Mashups

From the wicked genius minds of my pals Rob and Chuck comes Radario, a product popularity mashup site that pulls in data from lots of different product review sites to create top 10 lists of products. Today they’re doing digital cameras, music players, songs, and movies, so if you’re in the market for any of this stuff you can check out what other people are looking at or clicking on across the Web.

This is my favorite kind of mashup, the kind of site that looks great, pulls in data from several sources, speaks to peoples’ passions yet has a clear business model without making users feel like they’re being smashed over the head with it.

Congratulations on launching this guys!