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Bruce Chizen

The lighting on the stage (and my camera phone’s lack of flash) wasn’t conducive to capturing Bruce’s sleek contours, but I was really interested in catching the cool LED curtain that adorned the back of the stage. Me and Barr were sitting in the front row for this, trying to figure out if the patterns of lights on the curtain were capable of changing. His opinion was that it was a fixed array of LEDs, mundane, incapable of change. I decided that it would spring into action and transmogrify if we only stared at it enough. Sure enough, I was right, and it looked pretty cool. Now I want a miniature one of these for my rumpus room.

Le Cirque!

I’m chattering with excitement because we’re taking in Corteo on Saturday. We bought the spendy VIP tickets as soon as they went on sale back in June — that’s how much of a Cirque freak I am. (If you’re really really into them, I think the VIP tickets are worth it, particularly since they only come around every other year.)

I’ve seen most of their touring shows and I’ve been to the permanent venue in Orlando to see La Nouba (which was my favorite of the shows I’ve seen, mainly because of the acrobatics and the music). I have yet to see the Vegas shows, though — need to make that happen sometime when family stuff permits.

They’ll be moving down to San Jose starting Jan. 19 so my south bay homies can check ’em out.

Konfabulator at OSCON This Week

I’ll be heading up to Portland tomorrow night with my whole team for OSCON. I’ll be giving a talk on Yahoo! Web Services and Konfabulator on Wednesday morning and I’ll be in the Yahoo! booth on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Stop by and say hi if you’re at the show.

Update: Here’s the description of the talk I’m going to give on Wednesday morning. This will be the first public demo of Konfabulator 2.1 as far as I know and definitely the first demo of our new comparison shopping API, which just launched on Tuesday.

Flickr Badges

This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from jeffreymcmanus tagged with celeste. Make your own badge here.

Was half brain-dead this evening due to head cold so I finally spent a few hours of quality time with Flickr. Discovered how to create something they call "Flickr Badges" which lets you take your photos and re-display mini-thumbnails on your blog etc.

Testing Flickr Blog Integration

Legion of Honor at Night
Legion of Honor at Night,
originally uploaded by Yotowoti.

Super cool, if you’re a Flickr user you can go here to tell Flickr where your blog lives. Once you do that, whenever you’re browsing photos and you see one that you want to hork out of Flickr and post about on your blog, you just click the handy "blog this" button. (The photo you see at right is the Palace of the Legion of Honor in SF where we got married; I’m just using it to test this functionality and because it’s boss.)

Dead sexy! (Flickr also has APIs that support this functionality.)

Delivr: Web Postcards Using Flickr Photos

Delivr is a cool new Web toy that lets you send postcards to your friends using Flickr photos.

It’s most excellent if you’re into the postcard thing, but it’s even cooler when you think of what’s behind all this — a boss API combined with some thoughtful attention to the intellectual property aspects of reuse (all the photos made available by Delivr are provided to the community by their authors under a Creative Commons license, so it’s 100% on the up and up).

Charles, the author, goes into more detail on what’s behind Delivr on his weblog. He says that the vast number of photos on Flickr might make Delivr "the biggest ecard site online."